Why YOU should live in Southern Utah

    Southern Utah is a very unique and magnificent place filled with everything from beautiful homes, to sandy red mountains. Southern Utah is home to many families and the community is very interactive with each other. Here are 5 reasons why YOU should live in Southern Utah


    Southern Utah is well known for having little, if any crimnocrimeallowed-241x300e. In June of 2015, St. George News reported, “In April of 2015, the St. George metro area made it into the Top 10 in a new study ranking metro areas in the West for safety conducted by Law Street.” In that time, the study resulted in only 141 crimes for every 100,00 people! Southern Utah is a place where you could keep your doors unlocked at night without having to worry. Also, St. George’s crime rate is 34% lower than the national average and is safer than 61% of the cities in the United States. Crime rated decreasing 9% yearly makes Southern Utah the perfect place to live.




    You’ve heard it, It’s all about location, location, location! One of the best parts about Southern Utah is how close you are to neighboring states and cities. Having Las Vegas, NV only be two hours south of Southern Utah is huge. This allows you to travel to Las Vegas, spend a good portion of the day there, and turn around and come back to Utah all within the same day! Plus, having Las Vegas and Mesquite, NV so close to the Utah border allows employment opportunities to expand as well. These companies include: Real estate, marketing, etc. This allows growing businesses to increase their sales. Plus, Las Vegas has a great international airport if you love to travel! It’s an overall benefit for everyone!



    Many people find it fascinating that you can go snowboarding/skiing and go to the lake in the same day in Southern Utah. With BrianHead Ski Resort only being an hour and a half North from St. George, it makes packing up snow gear less of a hassle. Also, Sand Hollow Lake and Quail Lake are just about 35-40 minutes North from St. George as well. What is so nice about how these two collaborate, is that you can buy a half day ski pass at Brian Head Resort then head to the lake in the afternoon. After spending at least four hours at each, you could still make it back to St. George by 6:00 pm! Now that sound like a fun day!





    Living in the Southern Utah, it is very rare to get snow. Over this past winter, Southern Utah has received snow once that only reached up to two inches! St. George is sunny all year round with ranging temperatures from mid 60’s-110 degrees Fahrenheit!

    Because the weather is always so nice, it allows the St. George population to get outside! Going out in public allows you to see kids on bicycles, families at the park, or joggers on the sidewalk. By being outside, it allows people to take a “Screen Break” by putting down their cell phones, tablets, and laptops just to be outside enjoying the weather. Many people from the Salt Lake City area come down here for spring break just for the weather and to get away from the snow. Also, it makes wearing shorts and flip-flops year round very easy. Living in St. George my entire life, I have never owned a heavy snow coat or boots. No extra money is needed to spend on sweaters and snow gloves during the winter. Plus, all of the community swimming pools usually open up mid-March versus swimming pools in Salt Lake area that have the wait until end of May/beginning of June! Living in St. George, We always get an early start to summer which lasts nine out of the twelve months year round!



    This is one of the greater perks of living in Southern Utah. Being surrounded by the red mountains and rocks is absolutely breathtaking. Zion National Park is only 43 miles North East of St. George, Utah and only about a 45 minute drive. This national park is very well known nation wide and is one of the prettiest sites in Utah! Also, if you continue passed Zion, Bryce National Park is 141 miles from St. George and is about a 2 hour drive. But, what Southern Utah is most well-known for is Arches National Park. From St. George, it is 334 miles North East which is about a 5 hour drive. Although it is close to Colorado, the Arches National Park is a must see!


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