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When to Know You’ve Outgrown Your Home

How do you know when it’s time to move out of your current home and find a new one? You could be in a different place in your life than when you previously settled down in your current living space. Families expand, communities evolve, and careers change which can lead you to a new home that will work better for you and your family. Although it might be hard to realize, it could be time to make the jump and have a new living space. There may come a time when you need to be honest with yourself and realize that your home isn’t working for you anymore, which can be a positive thing. Change is an exciting part of life, and your home should reflect your life changes.


Here are 8 signs that it is time to move on:

Your Home is too Crowded: 

If your home is feeling crowded, it probably is. You and your spouse may have only settled into a home fit for the two of you, but later, have had tiny feet running around the house or have added pets to your family. The little feet will start to grow and more rooms could come in handy and allow you to have an office, guest bedroom, toy room, pet room, etc. More space may become a necessity.


Clutter is Always in the Walkways:

The longer you stay in your home, the more you find that there’s no storage for the items you use in your life. As you accumulate stuff – from sports equipment to kitchen gadgets to gear for other hobbies or activities – it might be time to find a space that can hold you and your home’s contents.



Your Commute is Longer:

You finally got your promotion that has made you land your dream career and with that comes a longer commute to work. With your career evolving, it might be time to relocate your home so it is more convenient for you and your family. To have the best balance between work and life, it may be a good decision to relocate to relieve some stress.


You Don’t Recognize Your Neighbors:

Have you ever been outside watering your plants and suddenly see a new face down the block? New neighbors could mean your market it active and thriving. As a seller, you could be in a strong position to benefit from your home’s appreciation and make the most of your investment by selling and upgrading to a new home.


You Have Empty Nest Syndrome:

Have all of your little ones grown up and your home suddenly seems too big? With children grown or previous inhabitants moving out, you may be ready to downsize to a smaller home that more comfortably fits your lifestyle. Having a 5 bedroom home with only you and your spouse may be too much to handle.


You’re Always Landscaping:

A large yard can be great for young children to play in, but takes time and money to maintain. Unless you enjoy having an overactive green thumb, it could be time to take on a property that doesn’t require as much attention. Plus, you could save a lot of money on your water bill (not having to water lawn as much) and save time on not having to take care of it.


You Always Hang Out in A Different City:

There’s a reason you’re always driving 30 miles out of the way to have dinner at your favorite restaurant or visiting friends in a certain community every weekend. If you find yourself spending all of your time in a place that isn’t near your home, it might be time to recognize that your heart is elsewhere, and not where you currently live.


You Spend Most of Your Hours Looking at Other Homes:

Although looking at newer homes is fascinating and sparks creativity, your perfect home doesn’t just live on your Pinterest Boards or on Google Images. Get out there and make your dream a reality.




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