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5 Steps To Get Your Home Ready To Sell

We often have people ask us, “What are the things I should do to get my home ready to sell?”

We love it when they ask that question.  It is a sign of a seller who understands that how well their home shows makes an enormous difference in how quickly the home sells and at what price.  There are many professional staging companies that will have a designer come out and give you a staging consultation. At the Diamond Group, we offer a free staging consultation for our sellers to help them get the most money for their home.  We have helped many sellers prepare their homes, often just using the items they already have while helping them understand how to position the furniture, which wall hangings to keep and where to put them, and more.  Whether you have our team come in, or whether you hire an outside staging professional for a consultation, there are a few things that will make a difference every time!


STEP ONE:  CLEAN AND CLEAR:  Clear everything off the counters and walls except a few key pieces arranged in small groups of 3-5 items. These items should highlight a particular space or add a pop of vibrance and color. Remove all personal family photos or anything that personalizes the home to you. Not sure if you are removing the right things or keeping the right things?  No problem. Grab your camera and look through the lens. Does it look cluttery in the photo?  Then simplify it a little more. Are there walls or doorways that need to be painted or touched up?

STEP TWO:  OPEN AND EMPTY:  Empty the room of half the furniture you think it should have. It often takes a shift in mindset to move from “What furniture arrangement is comfortable while we live here” to “what furniture arrangement makes the room feel larger and more inviting, more open.”  Traffic flow is key. Try to avoid any backs of furniture facing you as you walk into the room. Once the furniture has been arranged, look at the carpet. Does it need to be cleaned? Don’t forget the garage!

STEP THREE:  LIGHT AND BRIGHT  Make sure every lightbulb, lamp, and light fixture is in proper working order. Clean the windows and open the blinds.  Dark spaces make the room feel smaller. Bright spaces make all the difference! While you are at it, check the filters and vents. Clean the edges of the ceiling fans. Small things like this can make the difference between the home feeling clean and bright or not feeling cheerful or being maintained. Add pops of color by adding a small plant by the bathroom sink, or a cheerful basket of apples on the kitchen counter.

STEP FOUR:  OUTSIDE and ENTRY  Take a moment and walk across the street, turn around and look at your home from the perspective of a prospective buyer. What will they see when they drive by?  Are there any trees or bushes that need to be trimmed? Does the walk need to be swept? Does the front door handle need to be replaced? Front door need to be painted?  Add some bright flowers in the flowerbeds or in pots by the door. Get an inexpensive welcome mat to put at the front entry. Make sure the key works well and easily opens the front door for easy access when an agent is showing your home.


STEP FIVE:   SNIFF AND SMELL Sometimes we get used to the smells in our own environment. Make sure any pet odors have been taken care of, replace the litterbox often, use some febreze on the carpets. A poor odor can make the difference of a beautiful home selling or not. Before showings, bake a tray of cookies, a loaf of bread, a yellow cake mix or a batch of brownies.






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