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No Down Payment? No Problem! You May Qualify To Buy A House With A Down Payment of $0

Most potential homeowners believe that in order to purchase a home they’ll need to come up with at least 20% for the down payment. And with the median price of homes in the US at $240,900, that’s a whopping $48,000. For many, coming up with that kind of cash just isn’t possible. In the Greater St George real estate market — that number can be higher! Don’t fear… there are options for you! And – our great team of real estate agents can help.

But while you traditionally needed a substantial down payment in order to secure a loan, today there are plenty of ways to become a homeowner—even if you haven’t saved a penny for a down payment.

In a recent video, the team at break down a few options available for potential buyers looking to buy a home without a substantial down payment. One option is a mortgage from the US Department of Agriculture’s Rural Development office, which provides 0% down payment mortgages to buyers in towns with populations of 10,000 or less (which covers 97% of the US!). Here in Washington County – that means certain areas of Ivins, all of Hurricane, LaVerkin, Toquerville, and other outlying areas. The only cities that are completely excluded from this option are St George and Washington.

Other options include mortgages from credit unions, VA loans, and down payment assistance programs. In addition to the options outlined in the video, nontraditional lending options like FHA loans are also a great way to purchase a home without breaking the bank with a down payment.  We recently made connections with a fantastic lender that really  makes the qualifying process simple!

The Takeaway

If you’ve been holding back on purchasing a home because you haven’t been able to save a substantial down payment, you have options. Talk to your Diamond Group real estate agent and figure out which no (or low) down payment loan option is right for you!

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