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    Rent Or Buy? — Which Makes More Sense?

    By Rachel Jessop | October 20, 2018

    Some people don’t think buying a home here in St George makes sense. They feel like renting is a smarter move. The housing market conditions here in Washington County play a part in that. On the other hand, some people think renting doesn’t make any sense. In the St George area… the rental rates for... Read More

    24 Super Creative Jack-O’-Lantern Ideas You Should Try This Halloween

    By Rachel Jessop | October 12, 2018

    It’s that time again. Soon, the cutest ghouls and goblins in Washington County will be prancing from door to door in St George neighborhoods asking for tricks or treats. Here’s some inspiration to make the carvings in front of your home stand out from the rest! 1. This image is based on Jack from “The... Read More

    Selling a home is as easy as pi… or is it?

    By Rachel Jessop | March 14, 2018

    For whatever reason, most of us are aware of “Pi”. We don’t normally think of it in relaying to buying a home in St George…. but stick with me. Mostly we just think of pi as that number that goes on and on forever, with no end or solution. And we just know it as... Read More

    Things To Do In St. George, UT

    By Ali Wheeler | May 1, 2017

    St. George is considered home to many families. With its ranging temperatures from mid 60’s-110 degrees Fahrenheit, it makes getting up and getting outside very easy. In St. George, there are many entertaining activities and things to do. Listed below, there are different categories to help make your searching easy and successful!   FAMILY FUN... Read More

    2141 Lone Rock Dr St George UT 84770

    By Rachel Jessop | May 26, 2016

    Castle Rock is a great area with gorgeous views, and this home at 2141 Lone Rock Dr St George UT definitely took advantage of the views in the area.  Lone Rock Dr is higher up in the subdivision, so even when sitting in the hot tub or pool from this beautiful home, you see amazing... Read More