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Black Desert Resort

The video titled “What’s Happening in Southern Utah: Black Desert Resort” by Macrae Heppler, uploaded on January 18, 2023, provides an update on the developments at the Black Desert Resort in Southern Utah. Macrae Heppler is joined by Patrick Manning, the managing partner of the resort, as they explore the construction site, which includes a golf course, resort center, and spa, among other features. In this segment, they discuss the extensive features of the resort. The resort center alone spans over 18 acres and includes about 450 hotel keys and a condominium hotel. It boasts a 15,000 square foot spa, a 25,000 square foot convention center, and 15 restaurants in the Ivins portion of Black Desert alone. The golf course, designed by Tom Weiskopf, has opened its first nine holes for VIP play, with plans to open all 19 holes in May. The course features a unique 19th hole designed for settling bets. Other amenities include a family village with a water park, a golf village with a large putting green, and an oasis with a restaurant and beach area on the lake.

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